Why Partner with Us?

With over 700,000 satellite/cellular communication terminals shipped and more than 80 million satellite-based messages managed each month, SkyWave provides the experience and expertise you can rely on to develop and deliver custom wireless data messaging solutions for your customers. SkyWave Solution Providers enjoy the following benefits:

Proven satellite communication products and applications
SkyWave systems and solutions have a long-standing industry reputation for excellence and offer the reliability, security and stability that you can pass on to your customers. Our commitment to providing a low-cost solution and outstanding customer service will give you a strong return on investment for years to come.

One-stop shop
SkyWave will assist you with any questions that you may have when integrating our products and network services, so you can concentrate on your application and accelerate your time-to-market.

Stable satellite infrastructure
By selecting an Inmarsat-based system, you get infrastructure with a proven track record and a long satellite in-service lifetime.

Fully integrated satellite terminals
SkyWave offers fully integrated satellite terminals for reduced time-to-market and easier deployment.

Monthly revenue
In addition to revenue from hardware sales, SkyWave solution providers benefit from recurring income from monthly network services.

Technical training and marketing support
SkyWave helps you maximize your returns by providing regular technical training and marketing support.

24/7 emergency customer support
SkyWave offers emergency customer support in multiple languages.

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