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Need to send more data, more quickly, like email, texts and forms? The low-latency IsatData Pro can deliver up to 10,000 bytes to the device and receive up to 6,400 bytes.

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SkyWave offers fully programmable, low-power satellite terminals, designed specifically to cost-effectively track, monitor, control, and manage mobile and fixed remote industrial vehicles, vessels and equipment in the transportation, maritime, oil & gas and other industries.

Alone or combined with SkyWave's value-added off-the-shelf applications, our satellite-cellular terminals help users increase business efficiency and productivity, improve operational security, lower operating costs, and improve customer service through the tracking, monitoring and communication of accurate status and location-based information anywhere in the world.

Depending on your requirements, SkyWave has a satellite or satellite/cellular solution that will meet your unique needs.



IsatData Pro
The IDP series of satellite devices and modems provides a quicker and smarter way to connect people and assets around the world:

IDP-680 - general remote asset management and communications
IDP-690 - maritime and low elevation-angle applications
IDP-800 - unpowered equipment such as trailers and containers

IDP 100 Series - unpackaged modems for system integration in high-volume applications
IDP 200 Series - packaged modems for monitoring vehicles and industrial equipment

DMR-800 Series
The DMR-800 Series enables tracking, monitoring and control of fixed and mobile assets.

IDP 700 Series
The first dual satellite-cellular terminal that supports IsatData Pro network service, the IDP-780 allows fleet managers to locate, communicate and remotely manage their trucks and other mobile assets anytime, anywhere.

SureLinx Series
The SureLinx series of terminals with dual-mode satellite/GPRS capability are designed to save time and simplify application development for mobile tracking, monitoring, logistics and security applications.

Feature Comparison:
IDP vs. DMR-800 Series

Feature Comparison:
IDP-780 vs. SureLinx Series

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