Satellite/Cellular Devices, Network Services and Applications for Remote Monitoring

SkyWave's comprehensive portfolio of satellite-based offerings includes fully programmable, low-power terminals, modems, device-level applications, network and professional services optimized to work over terrestrial and satellite networks.

From tracking trucks and vessels to monitoring fixed mining and SCADA equipment, SkyWave solutions are used in a multitude of remote monitoring and control applications all over the world.

IsatData Pro

Using Inmarsat's satellite constellation, which has lifetime beyond 2023, the IsatData Pro network offers the highest payload and lowest latency of any L-band satellite store-and-forward service. More...

The IDP series provides a quicker and smarter way to connect people and assets around the world:


  • IDP-680 - general remote asset management and communications
  • IDP-690 - maritime and low elevation-angle applications
  • IDP-782 - integrated dual satellite-cellular communication
  • IDP-800 - unpowered equipment such as trailers and containers


  • IDP 100 Series - unpackaged modems for system integration in high-volume applications
  • IDP 200 Series - packaged modems for monitoring vehicles and industrial equipment

IDP Terminals

Applications: Get more with IsatData Pro

Get more with the device-level applications enabled by IsatData Pro and compatible IDP terminals…


  • AVL Agent - application for quick and easy integration of IDP terminals into fleet management solutions
  • Analytics Agent - transforms raw data into valuable information used for evaluating driver behaviour and vehicle/asset performance
  • Garmin Dispatch Agent - tracking, navigation, driver communication, and dispatch using Garmin devices
  • J1939 Agent - out-of-the-box connectivity to the vehicle's CANbus for monitoring driver behaviour and vehicle/asset performance


  • ARC Agent - Alert on critical events, Report status proactively and Control simple devices remotely.
  • IP SCADA - plug-and-play service that allows SCADA hosts to connect with remote field equipment and slave RTUs with serial ports



The SkyWave SG-7100 is the first powerfully smart, fully-programmable and configurable cellular communications gateway for fleet management and industrial asset monitoring applications.

The SkyWave SG-7100 goes beyond basic, position-oriented, dots-on-a-map data and alerts offered by traditional M2M offerings. It leverages the full capabilities of cellular broadband to provide reliable, always-on communications that enables intelligent management of vital operations data from remote workers, vehicles, and industrial assets. And it can be configured with Wi-Fi , satellite, ethernet, and other networking technologies for any requirement. More...

SG 7100



The IsatM2M satellite network is based on the Inmarsat D+ service, and is designed for remote monitoring and tracking applications. More...



IsatData Pro vs. IsatM2M

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