Monitor Water Quantity and Quality in Real Time

Remote water monitoring is becoming increasingly challenging, with utilities, governments, and industries looking for ways to reduce water leaks, improve water efficiency, automate meter readings and control water quality.

SkyWave's satellite communications terminals and remote monitoring applications are used to deliver alerts from remote water sites and reports from water monitoring installations, helping to improve water delivery, regulation, analysis and emergency response.

Increase Productivity: Ensure Accurate Billing and Reduce Waste

  • Track surface and groundwater availability.
  • Monitor pipeline integrity and detect water leaks.
  • Measure water balance (supply, inflow, discharge).
  • Control water flow to customers and import data into billing systems.

Streamline Operations: Share Data, Reduce Site Visits, Manage Water Use and Centralize Water Monitoring

  • Collect real-time reports from weather monitoring stations.
  • Monitor water quality (pH, temperature, oxygen levels).
  • Monitor flow rates and water levels in water sources.
  • Ensure water data integrity and continuity of data collection.
  • Control and measure water withdrawal.
  • Detect water quality changes and monitor water pollution.
  • Improve water data quality and availability.

Enhance Security: React Immediately to Emergencies

  • Receive real-time alerts from flood monitoring equipment.
  • Monitor and control dewatering pumps and equipment.
  • Communicate reliably with first responders.

Featured Application: Alert, Report, Control (ARC) Agent

The ARC Agent is an embedded Lua application that transforms an IsatData Pro satellite terminal into a low cost Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) capable of sending regular and event-based reports on equipment status, operating parameters, flow rate and more.

The ARC Agent is suitable for organizations in the oil and gas, utilities, environment, government and construction sectors that require management of remote equipment and fast retrieval of business critical data in near real-time.

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