Heavy Equipment Tracking and Security for Increased Asset Protection

Optimizing the use of heavy equipment in the field is the key to efficient operations. SkyWave's satellite-based systems and solutions enable cost-effective and efficient tracking, monitoring, and management of valuable heavy equipment in the world's most remote areas.

SkyWave's comprehensive suite of products and applications are engineered to provide, continuous, near real-time, two way communications of heavy equipment telemetry and reports based on low-cost messaging over satellite and cellular communications links.

Increase Productivity: Locate Heavy Equipment & Optimize Usage

  • Quickly locate heavy equipment that moves from location to location.
  • Ensure full utilization of equipment at all times based on equipment status, history and location.
  • Invoice by the hour used based on near real-time usage reports.

Streamline Operations: Manage Heavy Equipment Usage & Maintenance

  • Manage the use of heavy equipment of all ages, models and brands with one system.
  • Track and monitor heavy equipment usage based on sensor data to know when equipment is being misused or is at risk of breakdown.
  • Schedule heavy equipment maintenance based on actual service hours (or engine use) rather than calendar days.

Enhance Security: Track Location & Prevent Heavy Equipment Theft

  • Monitor heavy equipment location at all times.
  • Receive alerts when leaving a work zone to prevent heavy equipment theft.
  • Set up curfew or authorized use times to know when heavy equipment is used or moved and to eliminate unauthorized use.

Improve Customer Service

  • Provide up-to-date information about business-critical heavy equipment operations.

Featured Product: IDP-800 – Ideal for Heavy Equipment Tracking and More

Heavy equipment tracking with IDP-800

Looking for a satellite-based tracking device to monitor your heavy equipment? SkyWave's IDP-800 uses the two-way IsatData Pro satellite service for remotely tracking and managing fixed and mobile assets anywhere in the world. This low profile terminal is ideal for tracking heavy equipment, trailers and containers and it can be powered by non-rechargeable batteries, rechargeable batteries, or vehicle power.

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ORBCOMM Devices & Modems

In January 2015, ORBCOMM Inc. announced that it had completed the acquisition of SkyWave Mobile Communications.

ORBCOMM offers a variety of hardware devices, modems and applications designed specifically for tracking and monitoring heavy equipment. ORBCOMM’s heavy equipment monitoring solutions provide the visibility needed to manage day-to-day operations and retrieve equipment status information with actionable and near-real-time reporting.

For more information:

ORBCOMM.com: Heavy Equipment


5 Reasons You Need to Track Heavy Equipment

Discover the 5 reasons you should insist on including satellite or satellite-cellular communications to track heavy equipment in remote areas.

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The IsatData Pro Starter Kit includes everything you need in one box, making it quick and easy to start running your test satellite application.

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Mobile Workforce Management

Learn the benefits of connecting the lone field worker with the office through satellite-cellular communication.

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