SCADA Monitoring and Control

Remote Monitoring and Management of SCADA Systems

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are an integral part of every energy operation. SkyWave's satellite/cellular communications terminals and SCADA connectivity solutions enable cost-effective monitoring and remote management of oil & gas equipment, anywhere in the world.

With SkyWave's terminals, network, and SCADA applications, oil and gas companies can remotely connect with equipment using cost-effective and reliable satellite and cellular communications networks. This makes it easier to collect vital production telemetry and data, minimize downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and maximize output of a variety of critical equipment, including compressors, pumps and wellheads.

Increase Productivity: Maximize Production & Minimize Downtime

  • Enhance production by continuously monitoring the status of oil & gas equipment.
  • Optimize oil & gas equipment usage by downloading and analyzing performance data from data loggers in near real-time.
  • Identify and quickly react to downtime the moment it happens.
  • Bring equipment back into production quickly by knowing the exact failure code prior to dispatching a technician.

Streamline Operations: Measure Key Oil & Gas Parameters in Real Time

  • Maintain full visibility of system and what is happening in the field at all times.
  • Accurately measure critical field parameters such as pressure, flow rate and temperature in near real-time.

Reduce Maintenance Costs & Prevent Equipment Failure

  • Reduce maintenance costs by monitoring and diagnosing potential equipment failures before they happen.
  • Perform preventative maintenance based on engine hours and not calendar days.

Featured Application: Alert, Report, Control (ARC) Agent

The ARC Agent is an embedded Lua application that transforms an IsatData Pro satellite terminal into a low cost Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) capable of sending regular and event-based reports on equipment status, operating parameters, flow rate and more.

The ARC Agent is suitable for organizations in the oil and gas, utilities, environment, government and construction sectors that require management of remote equipment and fast retrieval of business critical data in near real-time.

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ORBCOMM Devices & Modems

In January 2015, ORBCOMM Inc. announced that it had completed the acquisition of SkyWave Mobile Communications.

ORBCOMM offers a variety of hardware devices, modems and applications designed to ensure continuous operation of critical machinery, no matter how remote. ORBCOMM solutions can be used to monitor flow measurement, tank-level, compressors and remote equipment, while sending critical alerts in near real-time to improve efficiency, increase revenue and reduce equipment downtime.

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