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Connecting Remote Equipment with People and Enterprise Applications

SkyWave satellite and satellite-cellular communications terminals, network and applications give you the power to manage vehicles, vessels, equipment and people at all times, in all parts of the world.

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White Paper: 5 Reasons You Need to Track Heavy Equipment
Driver Safety and Security

Download Now: Learn the 5 reasons you should insist on including satellite or cellular-satellite communications to track heavy equipment in remote areas.

White Paper: Satellite AIS for Vessel Tracking
mining monitoring

Read More: Discover the facts for deciding which Satellite Automatic Identification System (AIS) system to use for identifying and locating vessels.


More SCADA Resources: Learn how SCADA installations can evolve from the use of auto dialers to a more comprehensive way of managing remote sites.


16/04/15: ORBCOMM Wins 2015 MSUA Innovation Award for SkyWave’s IsatData Pro Service
07/04/15: ORBCOMM’s Subsidiary SkyWave Wins Via Satellite’s 2014 Integrated Marketing Campaign of The Year Award
03/03/15: ORBCOMM’s SkyWave Subsidiary Unveils IDP-782 for Fleet Management Applications
26/02/15: ORBCOMM and Komatsu Sign Renewed Services Agreement
09/02/15: ORBCOMM’S SkyWave Subsidiary Wins IOT Evolution Excellence Award

3 Reasons to Track Refrigerated Cargo

Learn why transportation companies opt for a smart reefer tracking solution and the cost-saving benefits of temperature management they are experiencing.

Download: Track Refrigerated Cargo Monitoring Tips >

Track Refrigerated Cargo



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