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Connecting Remote Equipment with People and Enterprise Applications

SkyWave satellite and satellite-cellular communications terminals, network and applications give you the power to manage vehicles, vessels, equipment and people at all times, in all parts of the world.

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Webinar: Driver Safety and Security—Anytime, Anywhere
Driver Safety and Security

Watch Now: Learn how network-agnostic remote monitoring can keep drivers, vehicles and cargo safe, in and out of cellular coverage.

Article: 5 Ways to Improve Remote Mining Operations with Satellite
mining monitoring

Read More: Mining companies are turning to satellite to track heavy equipment and trucks, remote sensors, tanks, weather conditions and more.


More SCADA Resources: Learn how SCADA installations can evolve from the use of auto dialers to a more comprehensive way of managing remote sites.


03/03/15: ORBCOMM’s SkyWave Subsidiary Unveils IDP-782 for Fleet Management Applications
26/02/15: ORBCOMM and Komatsu Sign Renewed Services Agreement
09/02/15: ORBCOMM’S SkyWave Subsidiary Wins IOT Evolution Excellence Award
03/02/15: M2M Connectivity Introduces the IDP 200 Series Packaged Satellite Modems from SkyWave, a Subsidiary of ORBCOMM
20/01/15: ORBCOMM Acquires InSync Software
05/01/15: ORBCOMM Completes Acquisition of SkyWave

Remote Monitoring for PIGs

Did you know that by aligning Pipeline Inspection Gauge (PIG) readings with location, you can accurately detect anomalies or corrosion that can lead to leaks or bursts?

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Automated Meter Reading



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